BalanceU Basic Package of Tools


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This package contains:

Personality Mix Book: Embark on a transformative journey to enhance and balance your personality across the five
fundamental pillars: Soul, Relations, Body, Mind, and Professions. The “Personality Mix Book” is your comprehensive
guide to self-development, offering seven main focus points to guide you towards a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

Achievement Maps Kit: Achievement Maps is an innovative approach to personality development that focuses on tangible
achievements and practical steps for self-improvement. This system aims to bridge the gap between motivation and
performance, making personal growth more accessible and effective.

Personal Plan Kit: My Personal Plan, presented by BalanceU, is a self-development tool to build and create an Integrated and balanced personal development plan surrounding the basicaspects of life (Soul, Mind, Body, Relations, and Professions)

Life Ruler: The Life Ruler simplifies the process of discovering your inner qualities and assists in crafting a personality that stands out. It emphasizes the importance of balance and its impact on the quality of life. Your journey towards personal development and self-building begins with the Life Ruler.

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