BalanceU Life Ruler – English Version


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Life Ruler

When you discover and measure the elements of your charisma ..

Exceptional innovation simplified to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your personality;
To put your efforts in the right direction

It develops weaknesses to an acceptable level and prevents the energy leakage that exhausts your personality.
It preserve and show the strengths in the details of your personality.
A harmonious personality mix combines worthy elements to form compelling charisma.

hat’s New in the life ruler?

• Simple to use with a step-by-step procedural guide.
• Abbreviated as a kind of actual personality test
• Fun and opens up new aspects of life.
• Documented and consistent with the research of BalanceU International Self-Building System.
• Flexible to use and for all ages older than 14 years old.
• Comprehensive discovery, analysis and development of personality details.

Minimum purchase quantity: 10 boxes.

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